Tourism and Free Software

Another busy day today, but wonderful experiences, sites, and new found relationships. We started the day touring the open market, Makola Square.  There were so many people, so many cars, so many smells, so many sounds.  It was like NYC, an LA swap meet, and the Strip District in Pittsburgh all rolled together on steroids!  Lyz found a few skirts since her luggage was lost and we tried coconut water.

Our next stop was the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park where the late president that brought independence to Ghana is buried.  It was quiet, peaceful, and cool, a welcome break from the market



Our last tourist stop was at Labadi Beach. The ocean was expansive and we enjoyed lunch on the beach



Finally, we attended the Linux User’s Group Accra.  The group was enthusiastic to work with us to install, support, and train on free software machines.  We’ve connected with a great group of people to help with projects down the road.


Check out the photo link.  I’m uploading my photos automatically with PhotoStream. I can queue them up all day and they upload whenever I hit wifi. (That’s only been at the hotel so far.) I might have to learn to use the Nokia phone for more things when we travel to the countryside.

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