Street Academy

I slept well and woke at 2:30 for my normal wake up time (6:30) but easily went back to sleep until my alarm at 7. We started our day with breakfast at the hotel. Veggie omelet, toast, frank and beans.


Our first stop was the Street Academy. The students were having a lesson while waiting for our arrival. They were an enthusiastic bunch. Martha a teacher there is from the UK and took a year off to volunteer. There’s an advantage of national healthcare, you have more options to serve. We checked on their laptops and have a few repairs to work in tonight. Everyone was friendly warm and welcoming. The students were typical kids excited to go out for the day for a football match.


The school is in main Accra and what we’d call a slum. It was hot and dirty with the pungent smell of charcoal fires as the women cooked banku and did laundry. Chickens roaming everywhere. ¬†Certainly not the domesticated chickens and coops I saw in Pittsburgh at Chicks in the Hood.


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