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The streets and sidewalks are overflowing with people selling things. One of our cab drivers told us his wife was a petty trader. I’m especially intrigued by the vendors that carry their wares between the cars. I can understand the food and drink items. It’s so hot here a cold drink is welcome all the time although I don’t know how they keep them cold as they weave between the cars or store them in the sun by the side of the road. You can get water sachets, soda pop, and juice. Food is popular too with nuts, plantains, cookies, breads, and bananas at every intersection.

BUT the selling doesn’t stop there. Here’s a list of some more unusual items we’ve been offered out the taxi window. I stop and think, “Would I suddenly need this item on my drive home from work?”

Leave a comment with your VOTE for the most unusual item and an explanation for why you might need this while driving in your car.
Dog leash (goat leash?)
Rabbit ear tv antenna
Scrabble, chess, monopoly games
Reflective safety triangle
Walking cane
Reflective vests
Dish towels/rags
Jump rope
Butane lighter
Children’s plastic chair
Throw pillows
Tummy trainer exercise device
Windshield wipers
Men’s suits and ties
Air freshened
Bicycle tires
Foam cubes


These vendors are on the sidewalk, but at the intersections they weave between the cars.


  1. Janne McNeill says:

    The rabbit-ears…you might need a spare radio antenna!

  2. Joan Bondira says:

    Throw pillows. You could take a quick nap while stuck in all of that traffic.

  3. Jane says:

    I vote for the dog leash, you never know when you need something to hold something else together. I know people use those rope bracelets when they’re off on some adventure and can take them apart, although a close second was definitely Joan’s suggestion (throw pillows). I love me some sleep.

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