Ladies Day Out

The ladies took the morning off to head out for some shopping. Dave and Daniel were busy with the shipments so it was the perfect opportunity to sneak away to the shops. We went to the Arts Center near the Street Academy. With Daniel’s help determining the directions and expected cost before we go we are becoming experts at hailing a taxi at a reasonable price. When we arrived at the Arts Center we felt a bit like shark bait. The shop owners greet us warmly and befriend us with hopes of enticing us to their shop. We were whisked back to a shop several rows back in the area. We found some treasures and began the long process of haggling over the price. They don’t like to give a price as you shop. They want you to accumulate all your purchases and then haggle. Once you’ve expressed interest in something it’s difficult to change your mind. They keep adding it back in to the bargain. They definitely jack up the price and leave lots of bargaining room. I was exhausted negotiating my price but they called me Yasantwa, Lady Warrior when we were done so I guess I did okay. At each shop there was a neighboring shop owner requesting we come to their shop so we had trouble ending and moving on. We finally made it out and had to sit down for a cold drink. Of course the restaurant was outside a shop where we found more jewelry and treasures!

Back at the hotel we did an afternoon training session with two of Daniel’s volunteers. We’re stepping them through covering all the necessary applications teachers need for the Ghanian curriculum. Eric and Kwaku were both quick studies. Tomorrow we’ll have them practice training us. All good!

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