Ho ho home again

We finished up our work in Ho and headed back to Accra today. Ironically, it felt like we were coming home. We had the luxury of sleeping in a bit and enjoyed breakfast at the hotel restaurant. The Chances Hotel in Ho had a buffet line which was a welcome change from the standard omelet, hot dog, beans, and toast at the Central Hotel in Accra. Today, I enjoyed a hard boiled egg, a fish ball (very fishy, but at least some protein), fruit, and corn flakes. The corn flakes aren’t my favorite and with warm milk, they were downright yucky. I made a butter and jelly sandwich to take with me and eat on the tro tro heading home. It seems like we end up getting busy and meals take a back seat on the agenda. I spent the first week keeping everyone going with granola bars and nuts and my stash is gone. I have to make do with what I can find to fill in for my usual travel foods. If I get the chance to come again I may pack a whole suitcase full of snacks!


The station in Ho was the usual chaos with tons of cars, buses, and people. We quickly found an air conditioned tro tro heading to Accra. I bought a few snacks from the street vendors for the ride. I got a reused water bottle filled with ground nuts and maize and some cookies. Lyz bought some plantain chips. The cookies turned out to be shortbread and tasted just like Girl Scout Trefoils, yum! It’s amazing how happy a familiar food can make you feel.


The trip was about three hours. There are some beautiful scenes along the way, but also mile after mile of poverty. We were stopped at a police checkpoint and had to get out of the bus. Some immigration officers checked our passports and visas without incident. It made me nervous to be out of the bus and checked there. None of the Ghanians were questioned at all. I felt very vulnerable there even though it was routine and the officials were polite. You get spoiled with the rights we have in the United States.


We arrived safely back at out hotel and got settled in again. Lyz and I are sharing a room to save a few dollars and I love the company! We headed back to the Tip Top Chinese restaurant in Osu for dinner. We even had some time to shop for souvenirs. All in all a good day and a wonderful weekend away from the hustle and bustle of the big city.


  1. Joan Bondira says:

    Hey Nancy, thanks so much for your photos and stories! And thank you for everything you’re doing. I have never thought that helping others on any scale is insignificant, and those acts of kindness can cause ripples in ways that you can’t imagine. One of my biggest regrets in life is that there are so many people I never thanked years ago, and now it’s too late. So I’m thanking you for what you’re doing now. instead.

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