Tro tro to Ho

Today we traveled by tro tro to the eastern part of Ghana called the Volta region. A tro tro is a van that seats 12 people. We took a taxi from the hotel to a crazy parking area called the Ho station. There were so many vans and of course so many people along with vendors and a loudspeaker blaring. We met Daniel there so when our taxi pulled up in the middle of the chaos we must have looked like deer in the headlights. I was so happy to see Daniel at my door instantaneously. We were lucky to get an air conditioned tro tro for the three hour tour ;-) the road was windy with many toll booths and rumble strips or speed bumps along the way.

It was pouring rain when we arrived and the tro tro station was just as chaotic. We hid under a shop awning and chatted with the ladies while Andrew got us a taxi.

Besides tourism our purpose here is to check on five laptops at a local church and school. Lydia welcomed us and of course served us lunch. We toured around and found two out of three had been reimaged with windows. Back to the hotel they come for us to fix. Tomorrow morning we’re hosting a training session here at the hotel for some of the teachers.

Ironically Beth met a young man here at the hotel who is a local ICT teacher and Linux user. He joined us for dinner and will be at the training tomorrow. Ideally he and his other Linux friends will support our installs and we can provide his school some computers.

Tomorrow we’re hoping to see the Monkey sanctuary. That is Lyz’s big wish here. Fingers crossed.



  1. Steve says:

    Who is Andrew?

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