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You can’t help but have some interesting experiences traveling in a developing country. There is certainly a problem with litter and garbage. There aren’t any public trash cans and folks just throw it on the ground or out the car window. There are some public service campaign billboards encouraging keeping Ghana clean. It reminds me of the Give a Hoot Don’t Pollute campaign in the States. Similarly there are many safe sex signs and billboards educating on aids.

Evidently public urination is also a problem. We regularly see men just going by the side of the road in plain view. There are handwritten signs on walls saying don’t urinate here or if you urinate here you are a dog. I had to go when we were at the Street Academy today. It was a stall out back with three concrete walls, a wooden door, and a small hole in the corner of the sloping floor. Simply squat and go. The walls and the door make it a step up from the ‘green room’ I have to use while hiking in the woods! Ironically where there are toilets they are way ahead of us. Everywhere I’ve been has a double flush toilet to save water, small button for liquid and large button for solid.


The power goes in and out and the hotel runs a generator. The power seems to go out most evenings at dinner and the generator must have run all night yesterday. If you aren’t outside near the generator you can’t tell if it’s just a brown out or if the generator got turned on. At every dip in power the hotel staff runs to get the generator going.

Everyone has a cell phone it seems. In the slums the poorest looking person will be talking on the phone, but cell phone service is spotty too. Calls just drop even if you had good signal and weren’t moving and you have to call back. Same as the US I guess depending on your carrier ;-)

Be sure to check out Lyz’s blog. She writes a lot more detail. I’m too tired at night to go beyond the basics. Thanks Lyz!

P.S. Don’t forget to check out the photos. Click on the map or the title above the map on the right hand side.


  1. Janne McNeill says:

    Great pictures, Nancy! Going to do a scrapbook of your trip?? Hope you made notes of everyone’s names and the places…I know I always think I will remember them and once I get home…away they go! Looks like a fantastic experience.

  2. Here’s the photo from this morning of the don’t litter billboard: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pleia2/8100811609/

    What an adventure, thanks for writing about some of the reality of things here, I tend to be hyper-positive focused ;)

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