Real Teaching Today!

We took the reimaged laptops back to the Street Academy today. It was the same hot, noisy chaos we saw the other day. Teachers were having lessons and the Linux experts worked on the printer and the office desktop machines. I sat in on a spelling bee. It was the girls against the boys. The teacher was giving them fruits, vegetables, or animals to spell. They were quite the unruly bunch. I started helping the girls sound out the words and the boys were livid that I was helping them! I didn’t actually spell the words, just said them slowly so they could hear the sounds. I helped the boys too. They all spell from memory not from sound. It was foreign for them to listen for the sounds of the letters. The girls were very good at spelling and won the game ;-)

I went out to recess with the girls and they showed me a game called Ampe. It was a jumping, stomping, and clapping game I couldn’t figure out. I have some video.

After the students left we sat with the teachers and stepped them through the use of the laptops and the educational games and programs. They were excited to see the programs that fit right in with the lessons they were already teaching. Classroom management will be a challenge. The students are pushy and careless. Quite the contrast for Daniel’s school.

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